Golf Greens

Golf Greens

Golf is a sport that requires practice, patience and, above all, kit that you can rely on. Here at Everlast Artificial Grass, we have been supplying artificial golf greens for clubs and functions for years, helping golfers hit the perfect shot every time.

There are a number of reasons why Everlast Artificial Grass is the ideal solution:

  • Artificial golf greens are tailored to allow a smooth ball roll
  • It provides a level surface, perfect for putting or driving
  • The appearance of the turf is natural, without compromising on performance
  • An artificial golf green can be used 24/7 – and in all weather conditions
  • It is a cost-effective solution with high durability and low maintenance
  • Our artificial golf greens allow the ball to backspin for a realistic game of golf

You can also choose from a variety of living colours, textures and pile heights each offering beautiful finishes. For more information on our artificial golf greens, give Everlast Artificial Grass a call today.

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Always Looks Good

Everlast Artificial Grass always looks good, whether it’s for a professional sports surface, to liven up an exhibition or for kids to play on. Just great looking grass everyday of the year.

Low Maintenance

Everlast Artificial Grass is a fit-and-forget product. Once installed it’ll only need the odd brush-up now and again, but it will look good for years and years to come no matter what the weather.

10 Year Warranty

We provide a 10-year product warranty on selected artificial grass with a potential to last up to a whopping 20 years. All artificial grass installed comes with a 2-year workmanship warranty.

Why Choose Everlast Artificial Grass?

With so many artificial grass suppliers and installers out there, what makes Everlast Artificial Grass a better choice? Click here to see why our customers prefer Everlast Artificial Grass.

Artificial Grass Installation

Installing your artificial lawn will save you money if you take into consideration the cost of watering, fertilising or paying a gardener to mow or maintain your lawn.